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Carlos Cantu & Mike Rittimann

The Buckhorn, Comfort, TX


Congratulations to Carlos Cantu and Mike Rittimann who shot a 36/32, 68, net 55 score to take the win. John Tirey and Steve Copp tied with Joe Loya and Vic "Dawg" Darnold for second place shooting a net 57 score. This was a fun format and I look forward to playing in more of them.

For the first time ever, there was no change in the top 16 positions. Their margins changed, but the poisoning did not. John Pittman, Charlie Gomez, John Culbreth, Bryan Rocha, and Carlos Cantu are our top 5 players. Yes Corky you are still in 6th place even though you were not able to play this past weekend.

Charlie Gomez

Starke Park, Seguin, TX


We had to go to a hole by hole playoff Between John Pittman and Charlie Gomez to determine our Champion at Starcke Park. Both players finished with net 73 scores. Here is how the playoff went. Both players tee off from the 10th hole, John goes perfectly down the fairway around 130 to 140 out, Charlie has a big cut and puts it way right near the power lines and water about 130 out on a slight downhill but the green is visible. John hits the green around 20 feet from the blue pin on the top right, Charlie hits his ball but ends up hitting the power lines so he gets another swing and puts it on the green around 25 ft. away from the pin on the upper right side of the green. Charlie puts it within a foot. John's putt goes by around 5 ft and he misses the come back putt. Charlie sinks his putt for the win. Thank you Raul for the recap and Congratulations Charlie on the win!! We had a four way tie for 3rd place with a net 73 score; between Carlos Cantu, Corkey Diaz DeLeon, Ronnie Salazar, and Jerry Perez. Nicely done Fellas!!

John Pittman remains in first place for the year. Players keep making runs at him trying to catch John, but he continues to play well. He might be the first player to go from start to finish for a year in the first spot. We still have a few players that can catch him, but at the pace Mr. Pittman has set it is going to be tough to do.

John Pittman

Canyon Springs


Congratulations to John Pittman once again!! John shot a net 70 score at Canyon Springs to take the win. James Cervantes shot a net 71 and Vic "Dawg" Darnold shot a net 73 to take second and third place respectively. Nicely done Fellas!!

By finishing in first place, Mr. Pittman is running away from the field this year. He has finished first in 3 of the 4 tournaments we have played. Great shooting John!!! You keep playing this way you will be tough to catch. Check out our standings to see where you rank.

Next up is River Hills in Kerrville. Hope to see everyone there.

John Pittman

Silverhorn GC


Our first tournament of 2024 is in the books. Congratulations to John Pittman for outlasting the soggy conditions and posting a net 73 score to take home the win. We had a two way tie for second place between Charlie Gomez and Raul Medellin with net 76 scores. Congratulations Fellas!

These three guys take the top three sports. Check out our standings and stats to see how everyone else finished and played.

Thanks Steve

Bryan Rocha

Golf Club of Texas


We needed a hole by hole playoff to determine our Second Major Champion at The Golf Club of Texas. Bryan Rocha shot 73/71, to tie with John Pittman who shot 72/72, for a two day score of net 144. It took them one hole to determine our Tournament Champion. Congratulations to our last year's Travelers Cup Tour Champion Bryan Rocha on finishing strong to take the win. We had another tie for the third spot between Charlie Gomez and Corky Diaz DeLeon with net 146 scores. Carlos Cantu rounded out the top five with a net 148 score. Nicely done Fellas!!

Bryan Rocha moved up two spots with his win, and John Pittman continues to play well finishing in first or second place in 6 of the first 9 tournaments. Charlie Gomez moved up one spot over John Colberth and is now in second place for the year. Check out our latest standings and stats.


John Culbreth

Willow Springs - Major #1


Our first Major Tournament winner was John Culbreth. Mr. Culberth shot a two day net total of 139 to finish 2 strokes ahead of John Tirey with a 141. Our 2015 Travelers Cup winner Carlos Cantu finished in the third spot with a 143 two day total. Congratulations Mr. Culberth on your first win on the Tour!

Mr. Pittman finished in fourth place at Willow Springs. So he let a few players back in the hunt for the year. Mr. Culberth was one of them. We have a total of 4 Major tournaments remaining this year so there is plenty of time to make your move towards the top of the leaderboard.

Here are our Totals, Stats, for Willow Springs and our updated Standings for the year.

Charlie Gomez

Olympia Hills


Our pair of Central Catholic players "The Commish", Mario Perez and Charlie Gomez had to go to a hole by hole playoff to determine our Olympia Hills Champion. It took Charlie Gomez two holes to take the win from his fellow Button. Both players shot net 70 scores. Congratulations Charlie!! John Culberth continues to play well shooting a net 71 and we had a tie between Bryan Tocha and Corky Diaz DeLeon with net 72 scores for 4th place.

John Pittman remines in first place. The rest of the field is slowly creeping up on him after his back to back wins to start the year. Check out our standings to see where you are ranked.

Here are our Totals, Stats, and updated Standings for the year.


Corky Diaz de Leon

Plum Creek, Kyle, TX


Congratulations to our 2010 & 2019 past Travelers Cup Tour Champion, Corky Diaz DeLeon on taking home the win at Plum Creek. He nudged out Charlie Gomez and Roger Smith by one stroke, shooting a net 72. This first place finish puts Corky in the top five for the year. John Pittman is leading the pack. John Culbreth, Charlie Gomez, and Carlo Cantu join Corky as the closest competitors that are trying to walk Mr. Pittman down and take the overall lead for the year.

John Pittman

Riverhill Golf Club, Kerrville, TX


Congratulations to John Pittman once again! Mr. Pittman has won his 4th tournament this year. That makes it 4 out of the 5 tournaments we have played. John Culberth, Ron "Tiger Tatsch, Carlos Cantu, and Vic "Dawg" Darnold rounded out the top 5 finishers. Great playing Mr. Pittman or should we start calling you Mr. Consistent?

John Pittman has officially lapped the field in our total standings. He now has $1,280,000 for the year and is $655,000 ahead of his nearest competitor Charlie Gomez who has $625,000. Check out our standings to see how you are doing.

John Pittman

Olmos Golf Course


Our 2020 Travelers Cup Tour Champion John Pittman has put back to back wins together to start the 2024 season. John shot a net 77 score to take the win at Olmos. Congratulations John!! Well done! Kevin Starry finished in second place with a net 79 score and we had a tie for the third spot between Joe Loya and John Culberth with net 80 scores.

John Pittman has started strong and is in first place, Raul Medellin, Charlie Gomez, Joe Loya, and Kevin Starry have played well and are in the top five spots. Check out our Stats and Standings to see how you are doing.

Hope to see everyone at our next tournament at Olympia Hills.

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