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Steve Copp

 2017 Traveler's Cup Tour Champion

Final Standings for 2017

First thanks to our 2017 Tour Champion, Mr. Steve Copp.  Steve started the season a bit under the weather but started his quest for the Cup as soon as he returned from a brief medical leave.  He surpassed the field and captured his first Championship Cup! 

As we close the books on 2017, we are already in the planning stages for 2018.  Please monitor our website for the 2018 schedule and get ready for our inaugural tournament at Fair Oaks on February 24, 2018.  Thanks again to all and see you at Fair Oaks soon!

December 02, 2017

River Crossing - Final Event for 2017

Many players tried to make a break to the top of the season leaderboard and thrilled the field with another epic finish to an exciting year.  Mario Perez and Jerry Thompson battled it out for a top three position but Jerry, in typical Jerryesk style, shot a round to show why he is still a contender on any weekend by winning the last 2017 event with a net score of 70.  Topping out the top three were Mr. John Pittman (Net 71) and Mr. Vic Darold (Net 71). 

Congratulations to Steve Copp for winning the 2017 Traveler's Cup Tour with a total of $2,275,000.  Second went to Mr. Jerry Thompson ($2,175,000) and third to Mr. Mario Perez ($2,015,000).  Thanks to all participants and looking forward to another great tour in 2018!

November 18, 2017

Olympia Hills

November 04, 2017

Plum Creek

Okay Fellas, we had another exciting finish on Saturday. We had another tie for first place with Mario (The Commish) and John Pittman both shooting net scores of 69. It took them two holes to determine a winner. They started on hole #1, a par 4 that was playing 361 from the Forest tees and had a very small green to hit that was only 19 ft. deep. Both players had decent drives. The Commish was up first and knocked one short of the green just in front. John was a bit distracted when he addressed and hit his next shot that ended up about 20 ft. off the green to the right. The Commish chipped his next shot up to about 15 to 20 ft. away. John had a real nice chip to within 6 ft.

The Commish didn’t waste any time. He lined his put up and drilled that 20 footer in. Boom!!! And the crowd went wild!!! John had to make this testy little 6 footer to match the hole and move on. He lined it up and slammed it in. Hole # 2 was occupied so it was decided to go to hole #10, that was a par 3 that has a very sloppy green that was playing about 166 to the pin. I believe that John hit first and looked up on his shot went about 100 yard. The Commish landed his tee shot just in front of the green about 40 ft away. John knocked his next shot just off the green to the right that left a very testy downhill 15 ft. putt but makeable. The Commish knocked his next shot up to within 5 ft. that he needed for par. John knew that he needed to make this putt to apply some pressure on the Commish. He lined it up but gave it just a bit too much speed. I rolled down the hill and ended up about 7 ft. past the hole. The Commish knew that he could make this putt for the win. He did!!! Nicely done Mario!!! Congratulation on your win!!


The race is still pretty tight for second, third and 4th place for the year, between Jerry, Ram, Mario, and John P. Jerry is only $95,000 ahead of both Ram & The Commish who are tied for 3rd place. John P. is only $122,000 back as well. As good as these guys are playing with two tournaments left to play who know how they will end up. Joe, Von and Corky even have an outside chance to make an impact in the top 5. Good luck to all.


There are our total scores for Plum Creek and our updated standings for the year.

October 19, 2019

Buckhorn Golf

Mike Von was crowned the tournament champion. He shot a 81 with a net score of 60. Congratulations Von!!! I had a front row seat to watch you play yesterday. You were striking the ball well and played very consistent!! Nicely done my friend!!
Also, I would like to welcome two new players to our Travelers Tour. I am glad to see some new faces out there. I hope you continue to come on out.
Travis Michaud   (210.784.8550)
Mike Rittimann (210.316.9558)            
Next up for the Tour is Olympia Hills.

October 07, 2017

Tapatio Springs

Congratulations to Robert Funk for being the only player to shoot under par with a net 70 score and for being declared the tournament champion!!!
Bernie and John Tirey tied for second place with scores of 72.
Here is how everyone else finished and our updated standings. I believe that Plum Creek is next up on your list on October 21st.

September 23, 2017

Olmos Park - 5th Major

Okay Fellas,


Congratulation to Corky on shooting a two day net score of 127 for the win. Both he and Ram shot 79s on the last day to finish strong.


September 09, 2017

The Bandit

Congratulations to Ram on his third win this season!!

We had another tie for first place. Ram and Jack Shaffer headed back out on the course to determine our Champion. Ram hit first and did not connect on his shot as well as he would have liked. He pulled it a bit but hit the left, The side hill that kicked his shout into the fairway, but still a ways away. Jack was up next and drilled one down the right side just left of the fairway bunker.  #1 at the Bandit is called the Blind Date. It plays 381 from the Forest and 358 from the Blue tees. It’s called the Blind Date because if you don’t hit a good drive then you are left with a blind shot down the hill to a left to right sloping green. The pin today had a front location.  Ram was away so he hit next. I don’t know the exact distance, but he was at least 170 to 185 out and was forced to hit a blind shot that just mentioned into the green. He took dead aim and nailed it. This was the shot that eventually won the tournament for him. It hit just in front of the green and rolled to the right just off by less than 5 feet, but still about 25 feet away. It was a great shot Ram!! Jack was up for the challenge and could see the green from where he was hitting.  I guessing that he was 130 to 140 out with a downhill shot into the green. He lined it up and swung away. He must have miss jugged it a bit or quite possibly the juices were flowing because he hit it just off the green to the left, leaving himself a downhill 50 footer. Jack put a good roll on his next shot just past the hole about 10 ft. away. Ram rolled his up above the hole about 12 ft. away. From my vantage point I could not tell if one of them broke more than the other.  Ram was away so he was the first to go and rolled his in nicely. Jack was up next and unfortunately did not make his putt. Ram was determined the Campion!!


We had a good group watching the playoff hole. Jerry and I were in one cart. Raul was with Ram. Scott Bowling I believe was riding with Von. The Commish, Joe Loya, and Tirey were also there. On a day that I did not play so well… this was a fun way to end the tournament and I enjoyed it immensely. I feel truly Bless to know you guys (yes even you Tirey!!) We should all count our Blessing with so much turmoil in this world of ours. I appreciate each of you!!


Here is how everyone finished and our updated standings. There are less than $400,000 between the top 5 players at this point in the season. Next up is our last Major at Olmos on the weekend of the 09/23 and 009/24. I am looking forward to competing against you all!!



August 26, 2017



August 12, 2017

Cedar Creek - 4th Major

Okay guys here is a recap of what I saw on the final day of our 4th Major.


Congratulation to the Commish on his first win this year. Mario and Jerry ended up tied for first place at the end of the tournament. Both player decided to head back out on the course for a match play playoff. It was fun watching these guys go back and forth with the lead. Mario was up by 1 after the first day and got a 3 stroke bump between there handicaps, so he started with 4 strokes up. After 9 holes Jerry had cut that margin down to 1 stroke with a real nice birdie on hole #9. After 10 & 11 the Commish was still up by 1 then on hole # 12 Mario put his drive in the fairway bunker on the left. This was really weird because he never leaves anything on the left side. He has that power fad that he plays form left to right that just hung out there. Jerry took advantage of that and had a 2 stroke swing on the hole that put Jerry in the lead by 1. Mario answered right back with a par on the par 5 13th that made them all square. They pushed then next two holes and then Mario went up by 1. Our group owned the 16th hole par 3 that was playing 190 yards. All four of us were on the green off the box and made par. (I only mentioned this because unfortunately I don’t see this that much. I should ask myself what is the common denominator? Yea, Yea I know!!) Mario stumbled a bit missing a makeable putt on 17 to tie it up again. Both got favorable bounces off the right side of the fairway on 18, kicking their tee shots into the fairway. I don’t remember if Mario was on in 4 or not, but I believe he had about a 10 footer for bogie that he made. Jerry I believe was on in 4 or just off the back of the green looking at an uphill slightly right turn 70+ footer. He got it up the hill, but left a testy 12 – 15 footer for the tie. He lined it up and was ready to pull the trigger, but backed off and adjusted his alignment. He got set up again and nailed it in the back of the cup. The Commish shot a net 68 with a 1 stroke lead going into the last round. Jerry shot a net 67 for the tie for 1st place. We should all start praying to get paired up with Vic Dawg in either a last day of a Major or in any tournament. Statics show that the declared champion has been paired with Vic’s group 8 or more times this year. Don’t let any of these guys come rubbing up on you now Vic. Well… unless you want them to!!


The Match Play Playoff… If you didn’t stay around to watch, then you missed out. Raul, Joe, Vic, and myself were there to root both Jerry, and the Commish on. Vic was on Mario’s bag and I was on Jerry’s. Both players I am sure were nerves. Mario confirmed afterward that the pressure was definitely there, but I couldn’t tell by the way he played. He was first to tee off and smashed one down the right side of the fairway on # 1. This was perfect because the fairway slopes right to left and gave him a favorable kick into the middle of the fairway. Jerry was next and put one down the middle just like he did all day long. Jerry did not connect as well on his next shot, and placed it just past the trees on the right about 25 yards in front of the bunkers.  The pin on hole #1 had a back hole placement today. Mario was up next and didn’t waste any time. He drew upon that power fad of his and put it on about 35 feet away. Jerry was up next. He was bout 80 – 90 feet away with sand bunkers in front of him that he had to carry. He lined his shot up, and I believe he hit under the ball because he was able to carry the bunkers, but was just on the green, leaving himself an uphill 70 footer. Both Vic and I were helping our players read the green for their next shots. Jerry was up first and I am not sure how, but we miscommunicated the line. He put a good roll on it but left it pin high I would say about 12 ft. to the left. Mario was next and his put was off line as well. He was above the hole about 10 ft. out. Jerry knew that he needed to make his next putt to apply some pressure on the Commish. He had an uphill putt that looked like it would turn slightly left. I helped him line it up to the right edge of the cup. He had put a good pace on it, but it just stayed out to the right. Mario know knew that he had two strokes to get it in for the win. He snuggled his next shot up within a couple of inches and then taped it in for the win. Both of these guys had a great round and this Match Play Playoff was a great way to determine our Champion … The Commish.

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