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Gabe Martinez

Fair Oaks Country Club - 2 day Finale

Congratulation to Gabe Martinez for winning his 1st tournament in 2020 at Fair Oaks – Live Oaks course. Gabe nudged out Carlos Cantu by 3 strokes and John Pittman by 4 strokes to seize the victory. It was a cold and windy day on the course so a net 76 score was good enough to take home the win. Good job Gabe!

Gilbert Molleda

The Buckhorn

Congratulations to Gilbert Molleda on taking home the win at The Buckhorn last weekend! Gilbert shot a net 69 to nudge out Mike Von by one stroke. Ron “Tiger” Tatsch was just two strokes back as well. Great shooting guys!!


John Pittman still has a substantial lead over Ramiro Longoria for the year ($420,000). Next up is a two day Major at Olmos Basin on Saturday October 31st and November 1st. Only time will tell who wants it more? Hope to see everyone out there to see these guys fight it out for the 2020 Travelers Cup Tour Championship!!


Carlos Cantu

Northern Hills - 5th Major

Here are the final numbers for Northern Hills. Congratulations to Carlos Cantu for taking home the win of our 3rd Major of the year. Carlos was very consistent both day shooting 40/44, 84, net 70 on day one and 43/41, 84, net 70 on day two for a combined total of 140 for the tournament. Nicely done Carlos!! The closest competitor was Ramiro Longoria with a two day total of 147. We had a tie for third place with a 148 total with Joe Loya and Corky Diaz de Leon. Great shooting guys.


John Pittman continues to lead for the year, but Ram made up some ground on him after this Major Tournament. John is sitting at $2,400,000 for the year with Ram only $740,000 back with a total of $1,660,000. Joe Loya, Corky Diaz de Leon, and the “Commish” Mario Perez finish out the top 5 spots. With his win here at Northern Hills Carlos Cantu also is in contention sitting in the 6th spot now. - Steve

Mario Perez

Willow Springs

Congratulations to the Commish Mario Perez on taking home the win at Willow Springs. The Commish was on fire shooting a net 62, 10 under par score to hold off Vic “Dawg” Darnold by one stroke who shot a net 63 score. All in all we had 9 players shoot net scores under par for the day. Nicely done Fella!


John Pittman was the only player to shoot a gross score under 80, with a score of 79. He finished 3rd with a net 64 score, and still holds a commanding lead for the year ($1,855.000). The Commish was the biggest mover of the week with his first place finish. He moved up 5 spots and is now in 4th place ($890,000) right behind Jack Shaffer (3rd) ($985,000) and Ramiro Longoria (2nd) ($1,225,00).


Robert Santiago

Brackenridge - 3rd Major

Here is how everyone finished for our first Major tournament for the year at Brackenridge Park.


Congratulation to Robert Santiago for taking home the win! Robert shot a net 68 score on day 1 to lead by 4 strokes over John Pittman and Jerry Thompsons with net 72 scores. Robert shot a net 73 score on Day 2 for a two day total of 141 to hold off several strong finishes by Bernie Averett and Joe Loya; who shot excellent scores of (38/36, 74, net 66) and (39/36, 75, net 64) respectively. The Quiet Giant – John Pittman was very consistent, shooting net 72 scores on both days. Robert’s two day total of 141 was strong enough to hold off Bernie’s 143 and John’s 144 totals. Nicely done Robert!!


The course yielded two eagles over the weekend that deserves an honorable mention. On day 1 Victor Darnold chipped his third shot in on the par 5, 13th hole and on day 2 Bernie Averett chipped his third shot in on the par 5, 9th hole as well. You should ask them to give you the details the next time you see them. I’m sure they would be glad to tell you. Excellent shots my friends!!


Now for the updated standings. We have a new leader for the year… Mr. John Pittman. John took 3rd place here at Brackenridge to surpass Jack Shaffer who has held the first place spot since the beginning of the year. John is also the first player to break the $1,000,000 mark in accumulated points. Great job John you have been playing very consistent all year long. Well Deserved!!


With their 1st and 2nd place finishes, Robert Santiago and Bernie Averett have catapulted up the leader board. Robert moved up 16 spots and Bernie moved up 9. They are now in the 3rd and 6th placed in the current standing for the year. Good job guys.

Vaaler Creek (Cancelled due to COVID 19)

Eroll Chance

The Resort Course-La Cantera Golf Course

Eroll Chance came to play! Congratulations on a very challenging course and a competitive field.  Top four all finished within one stroke of each other, 

Mike Von

The Quarry Golf Club

Congratulation to Mike Von on taking home his second win this year. Mike shot a 43 on the front and a 46 on the back for an 89, net 70 score. Nice shooting Von. Ramiro Longoria and Raul Medellin tied for second, four strokes back with 42/45, 87, net 74 and 48/41, 89, net scores respectively. Nicely done Fellas.


John Pittman continues to lead for the year, but Ram Longoria is making up ground with each tournament. John’s lead is only $118,333 with only two tournaments remaining. Looks like it is coming down to the wire at Fair Oaks Ranch in two week.

Ram Longoria

The Bandit

Okay here are the final scores and updated standings after last weeks tournament at the Bandit in New Braunfels. We had a 3 way tie for first place with net 76 scores between Ramiro Longoria, Joe Loya and Scott Bowling. There was a bit of mayhem in determining our champion, with Joe unable to get to his clubs, and Scott had already left the course not knowing that he had tied for first place. Scott was contacted and elected not to return to participate in the sudden death play-off. This placed him into the third spot. We found a set of clubs for Joe to use and he and Ram headed out to the first hole, with a small gallery to observe these two trade shots to determine our Champion. I believe that Ram hit a good drive and approach shot and had a mid-range putt for his par. Joe, (with another player’s set of clubs) hooked his drive and hit an excellent second shot just to get it close to the green. I was told that he was just off the back of the green. With the pin placed near the front it was a lengthy chip shot. He did his best to put it close, but took 3 shots to hole out from there for a bogey. Ram missed his birdie putt, but made the par putt for the win. Congratulations Ram!! Good job!!


With this first place win Ram took a huge chunk out of John Pittman’s lead for the year. With only 4 tournament remaining both of these guys need to show up with there A games each week; if either of them wants to be crowned Travelers Cup Tour Champion for 2020.


John Pittman

Schreiner Golf Club-Kerrville, TX

John Pittman continues to dominate the field this year. He had the low gross score of 38/40, 78 with a net score of 67 to take home the victory last weekend at the Schreiner course in Kerrville. Congratulations John!! You are playing great my friend!! John Tirey almost defended his title from 2 years ago at Schreiner shooting 40/42, 82, net 69 to tie for second place with Raul Medellin who shot 42/41, 83, net 69 as well. Nicely done Fellas!!


Mr. Pittman has officially lapped the field, breaking the 2 Million mark for the first time this year with an accumulated total of $2,280,000, His nearest competitors are Ramiro Longoria with $1,260,000 and Jack Shaffer with $1,070.000. Looks like we have a race for second place now.


Next up is our two day major at Northern Hills on September 5th, and 6th. Be sure and signup early.  Steve

John Pittman

Riverside - 4th Major (2 day event)

Congratulation to John Pittman for breaking through and winning his first tournament of the year. John shot a 78, net 65 on day one and an 86, net 73 on day two, for a two day total of 138 to nudge out Ron “Tiger” Tatsch by 4 strokes who took 2nd place. Both Pittman and Tiger were the only players to shoot net scores under par on day one. They shot net 65 and net 68 respectively. Jerry Thompson had the low net score on day two with a 65 for a two day total of 143 to take 3rd place. We had three other players that shot net scores under par on day two. Joe Loya, Corky Diaz DeLeon, and Mario “The Commish” Perez each had net scores of 70, 71, and 71. Good shooting Fellas!


Mr. Pittman has taken command of this year’s standings. His lowest finish to date was 7th place and has finished 1st and 3rd in two Majors for the year. He is going to be tough to catch if he keeps playing this well.  Ram Longoria is in 2nd place with $1,140,00 and has the best shot at catching John. Jack Shaffer, Jerry Thompson, Robert Santiago, Joe Loya, Corky Diaz DeLeon, Ron Tatsch, Mario Perez and Mike Von round out the top ten and all have legitimate shots as well. That’s right Von!!! You are still in the top ten. Hope you are recovering well my friend!!

Ram Longoria

Landa Park, New Braunfels, TX

Okay, Here is how everyone finished on Saturday. But before I give you the outcome I wanted to give a great big virtual hug to Von and Norma!! We bounced a few texts around this afternoon and in typical Von fashion he had me laughing. Speedy recovery my friend.


We had a really good turnout and some great scores. I think that I counted 17 Birdies among the 20.5 players that participated.  Ramiro Longoria “Ram” shot an excellent 37 out and 41 in score of 78 with a net score of 65 to take the win. Congratulations Ram!!


John Pittman also shot a very constant score of 39 out and 40 in for a 79 and a net 67 score. Nicely done John. Rounding out the top three was a newcomer to the Traveler Tour James Cervantes. James shot an 82 for a net 69 score. Great Job gentlemen!!


Jack Shaffer is still in the lead for the year with an accumulated total of $840,000, but Ram and John Pittman are gaining on him with $735,000 and 670,000 respectively. There is still a lot of golf to be played this year so anything can happen, especially with our first Major of the year up next at Brackenridge.

Starcke Park Golf Course (Cancelled due to COVID 19)

Jack Shaffer

Silverhorn Golf Club

Jack Shaffer has started off the year with a bang!!! He has taken home the win in our first two tournaments of 2020. Jack shot a very consistent 40 out , 41 in, total 81 with a net 74 to take the win at Silverhorn. Congratulation Jack!!


The Commish (Mario Perez) was only one stroke back and Mike Von took home third place with a net 77 score. Nicely done Fellas!!


Next up is the Resort Course at La Cantera on 03/07/20. Make sure that you signup online as soon as possible.

Jerry Thompson

Olmos Basin Golf Course (2 day major)

Congratulations to Jerry Thompson for taking home the win. Jerry was fast coming out of the gate putting an 8 stroke lead on the field after day one with a net 66 score. Carlos Cantu, Ramiro Longoria, and Mario “The Comish” Perez  each shot net 74 scores on day one giving them the best chance to snatch the lead from Mr. Thompson. Carlos Cantu was the most consistent player on day 2; having 8 pars and 10 bogies for a net 69 score. Two other players shot net scores at par or under. Raul Medellin had a net 72 and Ron “Tiger” Tatsch had a net 71 score. On day 2 all in all the field shot better scores, but it wasn’t quite enough to take the lead from Jerry Thompson. Jerry had a day 2 net score of 74 for a two day total of 140 to take the Major by 3 strokes. Congratulation my friend!! Well done!! Rounding out the top 3 spots, Carlos Cantu came in second with a net two day total of 143. We had a 3 way tie for 3rd place with a two day net scores of 147, by Ramiro Longoria, The Comish, and Raul Medellin. Great shooting guys!!


Ram took a big chunk out of the margin between his total for the year and our current 2020 Traveler Cup leader John Pittman. Ram is now only $233,333 off the lead. Mr. Pittman dodged a bullet from Ram, with help for the Comish and Raul by finishing with a three way tie for 3rd place. If they didn’t tie and Ram ended up in 3rd place alone, he would have been only $160,000 off the lead. Only one other player has a “mathematical chance” of matching Mr. Pittman or Mr. Longoria, and that is Carlos Cantu. Carlos is currently $900,000 back, with only 3 tournaments remaining; that means that he would have to finish with the hat trick (winning all 3 tournaments) and Mr. Pittman not show up for them at all… it could happen. Someone could text Mr. Pittman telling him that each tournament has been canceled due to rain. (Hint, Hint Ram)

John Tirey

Rebecca Creek

Congratulations to John Tirey on taking home the win! We had to go to a sudden death playoff between John and Erol Chance to determine our Champion. They both shot net 70 scores to tie for first. According to John it took him two holes to complete the win. Good job guys. We had a three way tie for 3rd place between John Pittman, Carlos Cantu, and Ramiro Longoria with net 71 scores. So close guys!!


John Pittman continues to play great. He is sitting at $2,513,333 for the year. That is $740,000 more than his closest competitor Ramiro Longoria who is at $1,773,333. Ram, one less putt and you would have made up some ground on Big John. Two less putts and you would have won it all!!! Yea… why am I telling you. You have already lost sleep over it. Next time my friend… Next time!!  - Steve

John Tirey

Alstasian Golf Club

Congratulations to John Tirey for winning his first Tournament this year. John shot a very consistent 40/40, 80, Net 67, to edge out Roland Vara by one stroke who shot a 47/37, 84, Net 68. We had a pair of low gross scores by Ron “Tiger” Tatsch and John Pittman who shot 40/37, 77, Net 70 and 37/40, 77, Net 70, respectively. Nicely done Fellas!! Honorable mention goes to Tiger Tatsch who made an Eagle on hole # 17! I also want to recognize Gilbert Molleda who had a Birdie on that same hole. You keep working on that game of yours Gilbert and I know that there will be plenty more down the road.   


John Pittman continues to increase his overall lead for the year. He is now $720,000 ahead of his nearest competitor Ram Longoria and is slowly pulling away from the pack. There were no changes to the top 7 players standings. John Tirey was the biggest mover up 6 spots to 11th place and Tiger Tatsch was the next biggest mover up two spots to 8th place. - Steve

Ram Longoria

La Cantera - Palmer Course

Congratulations to Ramiro Longoria for taking home the win at La Cantera Palmer Course!!


Ram shot a 47/44, 91, net 73 score to beat out Joe Loya and Victor Darnold who shot 43/46, 89 net 74 and 47/48, 95, net 74 scores respectively by one shot. This was Ram’s second win of the year and he is now in second place nudging out Jack Shaffer by 40,000 in the current standings. Of the top 5 players for the year, John Pittman is the only player that has not won a tournament (yet) and is currently in first place. He has been playing very consistent all year long. It is looking to be another very competitive year.  Steve Copp

Mike Von

Olmos Basin Golf Course (2 day major changed to 1 day due to COVID 19)

Congratulations to Mike Von for taking home the win. Von shot a very consistent 45/45, 90 score, for a net 70 to win by one stroke. We had a tie for second place between Corky Diaz DeLeon and John Pittman with net 72 scores.   

Jack Shaffer still has a commanding lead over the field for the year. The season is still young.

Here is how everyone finished. Stay safe my friends.




Mission de Lago - 1st Major (Cancelled due to COVID 19)

Cancelled due to COVID 19...

Jack Shaffer

Sonterra CC, North Course

I would like to welcome three new players James Cervantes, Gil Dominguez and Jeff Fox. Looking forward to seeing you guys out there each week.


I have added a new wrinkle to information that I will be sending out to recap each tournament. I have setup a spreadsheet to track everyone’s performance for each round measured in the amount of Eagles, Birdies, Pars, Bogies, & Other scores per hole that we post during a tournament. I will start tracking and posting the top 5 Gross and Net scores for the year.

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